Our house flavors require no minimum order as they are available everyday, all other flavors require a minimum order of 24 per flavor, unless otherwise specified. Flavors involving champagne require a minimum order of 48 per flavor.

Minis: See Below | Regular: See Below | Jumbo: $3.15 | Giant: $18.00 | Ginormous: $40.00
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House Flavors - M:$1.05 R:$2.10
Classic Flavors - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Throwback Flavors - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Candy Jar - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Tropic Thunder - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Savory - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Global A-Go-Go - M:$1.25 R:$2.50
Top Shelf - M:$1.30 R:$2.60
Seasonal - M:$1.25 R:$2.50