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You’ve got a Friend in Me! Toy Story Dessert Table

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of working with Gloria on her son Adrian’s 2nd Birthday. Adrian is a HUGE fan of the Toy Story franchise and we are too! Take a look below at some photos of Adrian’s Toy Story Mania Dessert Table.

Toy Story Dessert Table

Woody's Sheriff Badge Sugar Cookies

Woody's Campfire Pops

Lots-O Gummie Bears

Oooh! Moon Pies

Jessie's Pretzel Rods

Cotton Candy Rockets, Lots-o Gummie Bears, Oooh! Moon Pies, Woody's Sheriff Cookies & Woody's Campfire Pops

Space Ranger "Space Fuel" Kool-Aid Drinks

Cotton Candy Rockets, Lots-o Gummie Bears, Oooh! Moon Pies, Woody's Sheriff Sugar Cookies & Woody's Campfire Pops

Woody & Jessie's "Cow Tales"

Buzz Lightyear "Cherry Moons"

Stinky Pete's "Golden Nuggets" Caramel Corn

Stinky Pete's "Golden Nuggets" Caramel Corn

Space Ranger Krispy Treats

Woody & Jessie's "Roundup Lasso's" Twizzlers

Buzz Lightyear "Space Dust" Pixie Sticks

Toy Story Dessert Table

Toy Story Dessert Table

Mr. Potato Head Chocolate Mustache Cookies

Toy Story 3 tier Birthday Cake